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Data Science, Research and Development
in Education, Agriculture, Health and Forestry
  • Ground level field data capturing/collection utilizing Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) technique in use of applications such as Kobo Toolbox, CsPro, ODK, etc.
  • Data processing, data visualization and data analysis using Statistical applications SPSS, Stata, R Project, etc.
  • Provide Drone and Sensor technology services in the fields of social, hydroelectricity, environment, forestry researches and various others fields where drone and sensor technology can be used.
  • Big data solutions and advance statistical analysis
  • Research design
  • Proposal writing
  • Capacity development in advance level Statistical Data analysis in use of SPSS, STATA and R Project.

Digital Consultancy
  • Digital literacy programs for educational and other institutes/organizations and individuals.
  • Digital consultancy services to corporate and individuals.
  • Digital creativity and entrepreneurship programs and trainings.
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ICT Business Development
  • MIS, GIS and M&E systems design and development
  • Design, develop and support for websites and web, mobile & desktop applications.
  • Computer networking design and related hardware services
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content writing
  • Digital media campaigning/marketing such as promotional photos/videos, motion graphics, infographics
  • Presentation designing
  • Computer hardware and accessories



Madhyapur Thimi, Province No. 3, Nepal (44800)


(+977) 9841 380 598
Robindra Basukala


Working Hours:

9 am - 6 pm
(Sunday - Friday)

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