About Us

Ambit Research and Development is a group of national and International professionals from multiple disciplines and sectors who render services in digital consultancy & marketing, data science, research & development and ICT businesses.

Our Principles


Clarity in Mind

to gain more knowledge


Purity in Heart

to produce power and wisdom


Sincerity in Action

to deliver knowledge and skills in all kind

Our Approach

Ambit provides you with a strong team of dedicated professionals, together with constant availability of optimal resources so as to deliver to the very maximum in a process driven and organized manner.

Our Goal

Ambit's goal is to leverage the available technology to improve at core by maximum mobilization of the resources.

Our Team

Kedar Kilanbu

Senior Advisor/Team Lead

International Development Professional

Rabindra Basukala

Managing Director

MIS & Research Associate

Shreebatsa Prajapati

Technical Director

ICT Consultant & Developer

Sonish Suwal

Technical Manager

Creative Designer & Visual Editor

Anu Shrestha

Admin Manager

Research Assistant

Kaustuv Prajapati


Android / Web

Mikesh Hora


Android / Web

Deep Thaku


Photography & Editing

Sujan Lawaju

Digital Marketing