Seminar & Workshop

Promote & advocate digital innovations among the stakeholder in the field of agriculture, health, education, and social science and market researches.

Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development to Improve Quality of life and Society

Tokyo University of Agricultural presents a very informative poster entitled "Accuracy Verification of UAV-SFM Survey on terrace paddy fields in a hilly and mountainous area" on 10th Environment and Rural Development Conference with a theme “Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development to Improve Quality of life and Society”. The conference organized by Kasetsart University, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand.


DQ orientation programs

Digital Intelligence (DQ) is a comprehensive set of technical, cognitive, meta-cognitive, and socio-emotional competencies that are grounded in universal moral values and that enable individuals to face the challenges and harness the opportunities of digital life. DQ has three levels, eight areas, and 24 competencies composed of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values.

We have sucessfully conducted DQ oriantations in following institutes.
Ganesh Secondary School, Keystone Public Academy, The Rising Secondary School, Chetana Women Secondary School, Rotary Club of Bhaktapur

DQ Test

The DQ Test has been designed to capture an overview of your knowledge and skills across all 8 Citizenship Competencies: Screen Time Management, Privacy Management, Cyberbullying Management, Digital Citizen Identity, Digital Footprint Management, Cyber Security Management, Critical Thinking, and Digital Empathy. Your DQ Citizenship Score measures your performance in the Test, and is meant to be used as a starting point for further conversations on your digital skills and habits.

We have sucessfully conducted DQ Tests in following institutes.
Everest English School, Keystone Public Academy, Vidhya Sagar Academy, Holy Garden English Secondary School, Tejaswee Pathsala, Bhaktapur NIST, Pioneer Open Crew.