Smart Agriculture System

Application of the latest precise agricultural technology and ICT innovation to convert unused & arable land and traditional agriculture into farmland and Green revolution.


SMART farm or PRECISION agriculture is an environment friendly farming practice that helps in higher agricultural production by optimizing the use of relevant resources in accordance to the real need of the plants. Digital agriculture incorporates the latest innovations in the precision agriculture enabling efficient production and guarantee the food security even under future uncertainties such as climate change, land and labor problems.

Smart Farm Technology

It consists of a major three interrelated components in Agricultural science and engineering they are:

Acquire Data


Source of data :

  • Weather
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Plant
  • Sensors

Analyze Data


Acquired digital data stored via Internet of Things (IoT) system in cloud. AI and ML applications are used to process and analyze the data.

Assist the Farmers


Through IoT with mobile devices data is disseminated and proper information are provided to farmers to make decisions and carry out various farming activities such as planning for cultivation, irrigation management, fertilizer and pest management, etc.

Advantages of Digital Agriculture

Benifits Of...

Rainfall Information

  • Water Management
  • Pest Management
  • Weed Management
  • Crop Schedule Management
  • Field Operation Management

Wind Data

  • Preparation for the emergence of pest and disease
  • Spraying Management
  • Architecture & Farm design
  • Management of residual humidity

Humidity & Temperature Data

  • Leaf wetness
  • Risk of disease
  • Plant stress
  • Yield efficiency

Photon Energy Data

  • Growth rate
  • Ripeness of fruit
  • Estimation of harvest day
  • Daylight effects on crops